Mega Former


A High-Speed Encrusting Machine can produce up to 24,000/HR.

This equipment has been developed especially for all types of meat
and fish products. Different types of Dumplings and Knodels can also be produced.
* Stainless Steel is used where food products come into contact so it is very hygienic and easy to clean using high-pressured water.
* Since there are only a few parts for this compact machine, disassembly is very easy and can be washed using high-pressure water because the motor is waterproof.
* Other options such as Hoppers, Dough Lifters, Conveyors and Panners can also be attached to this equipment.
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  • High Speed Encrusting and Dividing.
  • Maximum production is 24,000 per hour (for two rows) (same maximum production for both encrusting and dividing.)
  • Maximum output is 3,000kg/hour.
  • Weight range of the product is approximately 10-250g per piece.(This may vary slightly depending on the dough and filling.)
  • The temperature for the dough and filling can range from partially frozen to 70℃.