[Recipe] Japanese SIOPAO

Japanese SIOPAO


All Purpose Flour 200g
Dry Yeast 5g
Baking Powder 5g
Sugar 30g
Vegetable Oil 6g
Salt 1 pitch
Warm Water 100g
Ground Pork 200g
Onion 1/2
Bread crumb 15g
Chicken Cube 8g
Say Sauce 15g
Sesame Oil 5g
Sugar 5g
Corn Starch 5g



  1. Put all of ingredient(without water) for dough to big bawl
  2. Put warm water to big bawl bit by bit and then mix
  3. When smooth dough, cover of this bawl
  4. Crosswise slice of onion
  5. Put 4 and bread crumb to bawl and mix
  6. Put other ingredients also to this bawl and then mix well
  7. Divide dough equally among eight and then flat
  8. Wrap filling by this dough
  9. Leave 30 minutes
  10. Put in steamer almost 30 minutes, not so hot
  11. Cool down