SS-21 SIOMAI Semi Automatic Machine



  • Placing each dough sheet enable the machine to work consecutively.
  • The operation is easy and user-friendly
  • Either square or round shape of a dough sheet is available.
  • Any size can be changed by replacing optional parts.
  • The portions that touch the surface of a dough sheet are always kept clean, because they are easy to be dismantled and washable.
  • The minimum adjustment of ingredients is easy and simple.
  • The maintenance and inspection needs no special work because of its compact body configuration.

Capacity: 1,000pcs/hour
Power supply: 100V, 85W
Product Weight: 10-40g


L(Total Length) 640(mm)
W(Total Width) 395(mm)
H(Total Height) 765(mm)
Machine Weight 60kg

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